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Diecast Cars Tips

How to Customize Your Diecast Car

Posted - 01/05/2012
If you want your diecast car to reflect your unique personality, take some time to consider a few symbols that best represent you. Once you have done that, you can create some decals with software for graphic design and transfer them to plain white paper. Next, transfer the decals to the diecast car and use spray paint to crea...

First Diecast Car Ever Made

Posted - 12/13/2011
For nearly as long as cars have been around, children have played with die cast toy cars. Many of these early toys are valuable collectors' items. Some major brands like Hot Wheels and Matchbox have been around over forty years and have special editions that can be worth thousands of dollars. The first die-cast model cars wer...

Most Expensive Diecast Car Ever Sold

Posted - 12/13/2011
$72,000 can buy a lot of die-cast collectible cars. At current retail prices, you could buy one Nissan GT-R for about $72,000, or about 30,000 common die-cast collectible cars. In 1999, a pink prototype 1969 Hot Wheels VW Bus called the Beach Bomb was sold by collector Chris Marshall for that amazing sum. Considering the lis...

Collecting Diecast Cars

Posted - 12/13/2011
Collecting die cast cars is a popular hobby. There are many people who collect them, both men and women. One way to get started in collecting the metal cars is by finding a car that you like. There are so many cars from several years that go back to the early years of when cars first started being produced. You can find race car...
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